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About Us

Frango is the Portuguese word for chicken. It's far from rotisserie or deep fried, rather it's a unique type of chicken that is grilled over hot coals - normally called Frango na Brasa, meaning chicken on the hot coals. Four steps go into making this authentic Frango. Continue reading to learn more.

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Our Story

“I came to this country thirty years ago after growing up in Lisbon, Portugal. In Portugal, frangos (coal-roasted chickens) are a staple in quick and easy Portuguese cuisine, much like pizza is here in the US. Portuguese families rely on the tender juiciness of the frango, and typically order several, often multiple times during the week, because of their healthy deliciousness, and easy convenience. For years, I have tried to find chicken that is comparable to the Portuguese frango, with little success. And so, after years of wondering why there is no viable substitute for the exquisite chicken of Portugal, I have decided to bring that unique taste to the US. 

The chicken itself requires a delicate blend of mediterranean spices in which it marinates for 24 hours (see below), but the real key is in the cooking method. Frangos are slow-roasted over a charcoal grill. In Portugal, these grills are massive, and ensure evenly-cooked moist and delicious goodness in every chicken. And so, in bringing our beloved frangos to the US, it was not enough to try to recreate a cooking method that would be similar to the one in Portugal, it had to be the exact same. 

When you come to pick up your savory and scrumptious chicken at Frangos, you will see the exact same grill used in Portuguese frangos restaurants, because we imported it - all 1.5 tons - so that we could bring you the perfectly cooked, coal-roasted taste of authentic Portuguese frangos.”

The Piri-Piri Chicken Method

First Step

Our chickens are sourced fresh and never frozen. They are all natural, antibiotic free, and usually between 2.5 and 2.75 lbs. The smaller sized chicken preserve the moisture and tenderness, and cook perfectly on our imported grill.

Second Step

We spatchcock our fresh birds and they sit in a marinade overnight. The 24 hour minimum marinading period helps to ensure our chickens are flavorful and delicious!

Third Step

Chickens must be slow-cooked over a charcoal grill. Yep - that’s right! It must be good old fashioned charcoal to render truly authentic Frangos. While some try to bi-pass this labor intensive and expensive cooking method by replacing it with gas fired grills or sometimes even a basic gas oven, it is only roasting coals that produce the delicious smoky flavor of the authentic Portuguese Frango!

Step Four
The Sauce!

Our secret mouth-watering sauce is generously poured over the chicken, making it even more flavorful!

The Result

Juicy and tender, smoke-flavored and incredibly tasty chicken, like nothing you have tried before, and which will keep you coming back many times for more.  And as if amazing flavor wasn’t enough,  this delicious chicken is healthy!! Marinated for 24 hours with herbs, spices and olive oil, and topped with a sauce that is full of mediterranean spices, hints of lemon  and - yep, that’s right - more olive oil! Now, THAT’S hot!